Saturday, September 8

Sending a simple hello

I love writing personal notes.  Not the email sort, but real notes.  You know.  The ones that require a stamp and actual travel places.  I'm always excited to get a card in the mail, aren't you?

I've made a special friend recently.  Her name is Cheryl.  She's a retired counselor, and she's precious.  I meet with her once a week for guidance, wisdom, and friendship.  I'm so thankful God has placed her in my life.

A few weeks ago we met and she surprised me with a special treat!  She has her own Etsy shop and her specialty is handmade cards.  They're so cute!  Well, she made me my very own Mary Kay themed cards.  So thoughtful!  Take a look . . .

 Here are a few cards currently featured in her shop:

Cute, right??  Who do you know that you would love to write a sweet note to?  Stop by Cheryl's shop, and write someone today :)

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