Thursday, September 6

Baby, baby, baby

Goodness. I feel like I'm surrounded by babies.  Babies who are brand new, moving into toddler stage, or ones who haven't even made their debut yet.  It's exciting!

We're not expecting - yet - for the record.

I have several friends who are expecting right now, and it's fun to track their story.  I even have a couple of iwishwewerefriendsinreallife friends (Bohobabybump) who have been really fun to follow through pregnancy.

I have been trying the past few months to wrap my mind around what pregnancy is - both physically and spiritually.  I've come to a conclusion:  there's definitely no way for me to be prepared for it when it actually happens to me AND God is just insanely amazing.  I still can't believe that we (women) are entrusted to provide this planet with life.  What a task and a privilege!

My MIL and I threw a baby shower for a cousin earlier this summer.  I was in charge of decor.  Not exactly my strong point, but I was excited to give it a try.  Here are a few pics from the party...

Adele was happy to help Mom open presents for her new little sister.

I'm not gonna lie.  Most babies just look like little aliens to me.  But Miss Jillienne made her debut, and she's a beauty...

Right?  So squishy.

Ok, now I'm going to backtrack just a little b/c this happened a few months ago, but I haven't shared yet, and this is the perfect post to share.

Meet the Sykes Family:
Jessica, Greg, and Emerson

You can read more about their story over at  And you should.  Greg and I have been friends since elementary school, and I've loved Jessica now for almost 10 years.  They are the best.  Adam and I got to meet Emerson back in July.  I don't get worked up over babies.  I'm never dying to hold one.  Let me tell you - I have never in my life been so excited to hold a baby.  Emerson stole my heart immediately.  We did what we felt we could to help Greg and Jessica during the adoption process.  It's such an insane feeling to know we're part of this huge community that rallied around this family to help them bring their little boy home.  Ultimately, of course, it's all God.  Emerson was created to be a part of not just the Sykes family, but part of God's family.  It was SO incredible to hold him and know he had the most wonderful parents and that it was all part of God's story.

Many of you know that Adam and I are also wanting to adopt.  I seriously want one of everybody.  Can't wait to see what that looks like.

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