Friday, September 14

Pin There, Done That: New {to me} Coffee Table

So back in the day {about 5 years ago to be exact} I bought this little beauty over at Target.
It has served me quite well as a coffee table/storage bin ever since.  We recently had a garage sale where we sold everything a few things, but were still left with quite a few items at the end of the day.  I then listed the left-over items on Craigslist, and we were able to get rid of several items that way.

One item that remained unsold, however, was this old coffee table that my husband had.

We'd never used it due to space issues at our old apartment, and he didn't mind the idea of selling it.  But when it didn't sell, I started itching to use it for a project, so that's what led to this new puppy:

It's not quite perfect, but I'm okay with that :)

Perfect drawer for the remotes

It was SO easy!  I just followed this tutorial, and voila!

scrapbook paper of choice
Mod Podge {matte finish}
spray paint {for the bottom}

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