Woah, Dream Big!

I believe in dreaming.  It keeps me going.  It's one of my favorite things to do.  Am I the only one guilty of daydreaming from the time I was in elementary school?  I have always loved imagining life even better than it already is...

This is a list of all the things I want to do, be, have, become, and accomplish.  I honestly believe that anything is possible in life.  We often place safe, reasonable boundaries around our "dreams" and then they don't happen.  I believe in a God who has no boundaries when it comes to dreaming - He's the ultimate dreamer.   I encourage you to join me in dreaming, and create your own list.  I update it from time to time, and will cross things off should I manage to see these dreams come true...

  1. mom of 3
  2. beautiful home, designed by us
  3. no debt
  4. lead worship again
  5. supportive, honoring wife
  6. close relationship with God
  7. woman of integrity
  8. mother to at least 1 adopted child
  9. save enough to pay for college so that our kids are debt-free upon graduation
  10. ditto for weddings!
  11. fun family vacations - travel the world together and serve together
  12. be healthy
  13. be ableto take care of our parents as they age
  14. actively participate in church w/ our kids
  15. always give regularly outside of tithing 
  16. meet Heven, our Compassion kid
  17. have a 2nd home
  18. have a God-centered home
  19. write a book
  20. I want to be known as a generous person - not just w/ money, but with time, resources, etc.
  21. have a home where our kids' friends feel welcome and safe
  22. serve together as a family (outside of church

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