Monday, April 30

Makeover Monday: Bridesmaids Edition

I love playing with makeup.  I never wear the exact same look from one day to the next.  I love trying new things!  This is why doing makeovers is so much fun!  There are some colors or combinations that would never look good on me, so it's so fun to get to try them on other girls who have the perfect features for them.

I'm doing makeup for an upcoming wedding for a friend of mine.  We got together recently with the bridesmaids and we had a few practice rounds.  I got so excited with two of them that we forgot to take "before" shots, so those two lovlies will get away with looking perfect in this post :)

As always, all the products used are Mary Kay.  After finding the perfect foundation shade and adding a little concealer to the mix, we started to play with colors.  It's important to me that a woman always feels like she looks "like herself" even when we're playing with colors.  I think they all turned out great!  Take a look at these beautiful girls!!

Eyes:  Color Eye Cream in Beach Blonde, Mineral Eye Shadow in Chocolate Kiss & Copper Glow, Bronze Eyeliner, and Ultimate Mascara in Black
Lips: Nourishine Lip Gloss in Cafe Au Lait 

Eyes:  Color Eye Cream in Beach Blonde, Mineral Eye Shadow in Chocolate Kiss & Sweet Plum, Violet Ink liner on top, Bronze liner on bottom, and finished with Ultimate Mascara in Black
Cheeks: Shy Blush
Lips:  Nourishine Lip Gloss in Berry Tart

Eyes:  Color Eye Cream in Beach Blonde, Mineral Eye Color in Granite & Black Pearl, Steely Eyeliner on top and bottom
Cheeks:  Strawberry Cream
Lips:  Nourishine Lip Gloss in Fancy Nancy

Model on Left:
Eyes:  Cream Eye Color in Beach Blonde & Pale Blush with Mineral Eye Shadow Amber Blaze, Bronze Eyeliner, and Ultimate Mascara in Black
Cheeks:  Shy Blush
Lips:  Nourishine lipgloss in Pink Sateen

Model on Right:
Eyes:  Color Eye Cream in Beach Blonde
Mineral Eye Shadow in Granite, Copper Glow
Violet Ink Eyeliner on top, Bronze on bottom
Cheeks:  Shy Blush
Lips: Nourishine Lip Gloss in Au Naturel

Do you have a favorite look?  

Monday, April 9

Red lips

I really love red lips.  Ever since Snow White . . .

This red is Midnight Red.  You can find it here.

Team LC all the way.
There's something about it that makes me think old hollywood . . .

Do you like to rock a red lip?

Saturday, April 7

chandeliers = obsessed

I do not live in a fancy house.  I own nothing fancy.

And yet.

I love chandeliers.

I'm in Savannah, Georgia for Spring Break this week.  Savannah is my hometown, and I miss it so much. Here are a few shots of fun chandeliers I found while wandering around downtown this week . . .

At the Savannah Music Festival 
{We were there to see Chris Thile - he's amazing}
At Soho South Cafe, one of my favorite places in Savannah to eat.
At Paris Market.  This is probably my favorite.

So, until I own my very own fancy pants chandelier,  here are my chandelier earrings I'm wearing today from Francesca's :) {sorry my headphone wire got in the way}

Stay tuned for a fun but easy way to display old family photos that I picked up from one of my wanderings this week - can't wait for you to see it!

Stay pretty!

Friday, April 6

I'll never let go....


Anyone else feel like Rose was totally lying when she said, "I'll never let go"?

That scene aside, I love Titanic!

My husband has already stated numerous times that he will not be accompanying me to see this movie in the theater.  Boys can be so weird sometimes.

I am SO excited to see it again in the theater.  I only saw it once when it was originally released, but it fascinated me completely.  I actually went with this boy my mom really wanted me to start dating.  Long story there. To sum it up:  I came home and said, "He's really nice, but I need someone who's entertaining."

Anyhow, I love the movie.  When I watch it in the comfort of my own home, I have a horrible habit of cutting it off when they hit the iceberg.  The End.  No one dies.  Have you ever seen this episode of Friends:

So, I'll have to make it through the 2nd half with all of its unpleasantness.

I remember coming home and immediately digging into an encyclopedia (does anyone else remember life before Google??) for anything I could read on the tragedy.  Of course we'd all heard of the great ship, and the story of Rose and Jack made it very interesting, but I was completely captivated by this piece of history of which I suddenly felt I knew nothing.

Aside from the story line, let's not forget that the clothes tell a story all of their own.
Oh, the hats!
And the shoes!
I don't know a girl who wouldn't want to wear this dress.

Does anyone else remember this Leonardo?
The one that was in this movie, too?  Sigh.

So, are you going to see Titanic again??

Wednesday, April 4

Weekend at the "Cabin"

My dear friend, Jaclyn is getting married in June.  We are all super excited about it!  She asked if we could have a bachelorette weekend in a cabin in the Georgia mountains, and I said, "Absolutely!"

Little did she know that I knew someone with a gorgeous mountain home - hardly what one would call a "cabin," so imagine her surprise when she and the girls arrived!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend . . .

Windows overlooking the mountains.  I made the poms, and the streamers came from BHLDN

The Bride!

       Mimosas in a mason with floating fruit = a must!

        More decor from BHLDN         How cute are these straws??

These coasters were too funny to pass up . . .

Every girl needs some VS!

The weekend would not have been complete without The Notebook - I mean, really, who isn't a Ryan Gosling fan??
We did makeovers, too, so look for a few of those in an upcoming post!
Stay pretty!