Tuesday, May 21

Tunes for Tuesday: Ahmir

So there's this group called Ahmir.  R&B group.

I grew up listening to countless groups of boys who love to sing.  And while I admit that I fell victim to groups like NKOTB, I'm actually talking about the fact that I LITERALLY grew up surrounded by boys who love to sing.  I'm the daughter of two music teachers.  Go figure.

So, it's safe to say I've heard more a capella singing than the average person.  It's also safe to say that in the hype of the Boyz II Men era,  I heard more than anyone's fair share {save my parents, of course}.

Well, somehow, this group has managed to impress me.  I'd not only enjoy hearing them sing.  I'd like to sing with them.  Ladies & Gents, I give you Ahmir . . .

To see an amazing performance, check them out on Jimmy Fallon {5/20/13} along with The Roots!

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