Thursday, May 10


I grew up in a family that always had a dog, so I knew that when I got out of college and lived on my own I would have my own dog.  Throughout my childhood we had 2 german shepherds and 1 golden retriever.  The golden, Sandy, was mine.  We got her when I was in the third grade, and I loved her.

In the months leading up to my first summer in my first apartment, I checked almost daily on a website called to find my own puppy.  I knew I wanted a golden because Sandy had been so wonderful.  She was a rescue dog, so I also knew that I wanted to get my dog from a shelter instead of a breeder.  Romeo came home with me from the Claxton Humane Society when he was 12 weeks old.  He's a golden mixed with a border collie - serious energy!

I remember when I first spotted him.  Talk about fur ball!  My mom thought he was ugly.  She quickly changed her tune the day we picked him up!  He's recently celebrated his 8th birthday.  He's been my body guard, alarm system, friend, and pillow.

He's about 6 months in this picture.
He's a nerd.
He LOVES riding in the car.  His favorite is riding to Savannah for a weekend to hang out with his girlfriend, Lucy (my parents' dog).

puppy love

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