Saturday, May 5

I used to be funny

I originally started blogging way back in 2003.  I know.  Some of you were still in diapers or whatever.

You guys!  I used to say funny things.  At least, it was funny going back and re-reading some of my old stuff.

Here are a few nuggets for you . . .

  • in other news, im officially a lifeguard.  but like i told my friend ben, dont even think about drowning, b/c i wont save you.  my tan is way too important.

  • one of my students caught me putting on lipstick today and told me to stop b/c  i was too young to date.

  • if you saw ms. reagan {my maiden name} up in the club, wouldnt you ask her to dance? i would.  - one of my students who wants extra credit

  • was yours? mine was interesting.  i fixed dinner for five guys im not dating.

  • so i made a sad discovery yesterday.  i come from a ridiculously musically talented family.  well, it turns out that i cant play the tambourine. how unbelievably pathetic is that?  i was practicing yesterday with the band for deepend and sean suggested that i play the tambourine on one of the songs.  i kinda felt like i was in the partridge family, but i gave it a whirl.  well, we tried it over and over, but every time we all just ended up laughing in disbelief at my horrible inability to play the tambourine. it was a sad moment in my musical career.

  • for the record, whenever sean thinks of me, he automatically thinks of sara, the white girl turned ghetto, in save the last dance.  i take that as a compliment.  triflin.....

  • im chillin with thug-wizzle from the west-sizzle in my classroom right now. just another member of the elite club crunk.  too bad you're not here. 

  • i made a sign to hang outside of my classroom in honor of valentine's day.  it is covered in hearts and crayola glitter and reads, " maybe next year"

  • excuse me, but theres a car in my window.  yesterday a man drove his car through the front window of the school, so that was fun.

  • in other ghetto news (welcome to the S-A-V, holdin it down in the 9-1-2, etc), i am now officially the faculty sponsor for the dance team at school.  bring it on.  not the movie, but honey, you got served, and even darrins dance grooves, if thats all you got.  holla.  so, when i move, you move, just like that......

  • club crunk is hard to find.  it is only for the elite.  its hours of operation are sporadic.  only the right people know when it is open.  what the heck am i talking about? h-2.  still lost?  thats my classroom.  no joke.  i have a regular crowd of kids (from 4 to 10) who randomly show up in my room after school and hangout.  they usually listen to music (top song of choice is "drop it like it's hot"), joke around, and talk about everything under the sun from school to friends to movies to music.  everyday is different, but i always leave with my stomach aching a little from laughing so much.  one day we even had a dance contest.  dionne, the bouncer, watches the door and quizzes everyone for the password if anyone happens to knock on the door.  i almost always try to work while they're here, but it never fails that i end up just hanging out with the kids.   i bet you want the password.  well, sorry . . .

  • today, as we got out of the car, these were the exact words out of my brother's mouth, "you know, when the wind hits my hair just right . . . "
    • mr. metro 2004:  greg sykes (because he carries a man-purse)
    • mr. metro 2004 1st runner up: erik reagan (for his clothes and the aforementioned comment

I realize this is a detour from my regular entries, but it was too good not to share.  Hope you laughed at at least one line :)

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