Saturday, May 26

From Hot Mess to Hot Stuff!

I'm embarrassed to even show the "before" pictures, but my dresser has been in desperate need of a makeover for months.  Simply put, it was a hot mess!  We moved not too long ago, and in the moving process my necklace "tree" broke a branch, leaving many of my necklaces w/o a home.  My bracelets were buried in a little basket, and things....well... kept piling up for no good reason.  Here's the "before" shot:

The wall was also bare, which for me is pretty depressing . . .

I saw on another blog where a woman took a paper towel holder and turned into a jewelry organizer.  That was my inspiration for this project.  I bought one from Walmart for $2 and added some black spray paint for good measure.  This is what I used to organize my bracelets so I can easily find them in a glance.

I also hung a small towel rack from Ikea for most of my necklaces, and here's the finished look!

I love my earring organizer.  It's the one thing I didn't need to change.

It's SO much more fun {not to mention easier} to accessorize now!  I find myself getting excited again about picking out stuff to match my outfits.  Best part?  It was such an easy fix!

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