Wednesday, April 4

Weekend at the "Cabin"

My dear friend, Jaclyn is getting married in June.  We are all super excited about it!  She asked if we could have a bachelorette weekend in a cabin in the Georgia mountains, and I said, "Absolutely!"

Little did she know that I knew someone with a gorgeous mountain home - hardly what one would call a "cabin," so imagine her surprise when she and the girls arrived!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend . . .

Windows overlooking the mountains.  I made the poms, and the streamers came from BHLDN

The Bride!

       Mimosas in a mason with floating fruit = a must!

        More decor from BHLDN         How cute are these straws??

These coasters were too funny to pass up . . .

Every girl needs some VS!

The weekend would not have been complete without The Notebook - I mean, really, who isn't a Ryan Gosling fan??
We did makeovers, too, so look for a few of those in an upcoming post!
Stay pretty!

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