Friday, April 6

I'll never let go....


Anyone else feel like Rose was totally lying when she said, "I'll never let go"?

That scene aside, I love Titanic!

My husband has already stated numerous times that he will not be accompanying me to see this movie in the theater.  Boys can be so weird sometimes.

I am SO excited to see it again in the theater.  I only saw it once when it was originally released, but it fascinated me completely.  I actually went with this boy my mom really wanted me to start dating.  Long story there. To sum it up:  I came home and said, "He's really nice, but I need someone who's entertaining."

Anyhow, I love the movie.  When I watch it in the comfort of my own home, I have a horrible habit of cutting it off when they hit the iceberg.  The End.  No one dies.  Have you ever seen this episode of Friends:

So, I'll have to make it through the 2nd half with all of its unpleasantness.

I remember coming home and immediately digging into an encyclopedia (does anyone else remember life before Google??) for anything I could read on the tragedy.  Of course we'd all heard of the great ship, and the story of Rose and Jack made it very interesting, but I was completely captivated by this piece of history of which I suddenly felt I knew nothing.

Aside from the story line, let's not forget that the clothes tell a story all of their own.
Oh, the hats!
And the shoes!
I don't know a girl who wouldn't want to wear this dress.

Does anyone else remember this Leonardo?
The one that was in this movie, too?  Sigh.

So, are you going to see Titanic again??

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