Saturday, April 7

chandeliers = obsessed

I do not live in a fancy house.  I own nothing fancy.

And yet.

I love chandeliers.

I'm in Savannah, Georgia for Spring Break this week.  Savannah is my hometown, and I miss it so much. Here are a few shots of fun chandeliers I found while wandering around downtown this week . . .

At the Savannah Music Festival 
{We were there to see Chris Thile - he's amazing}
At Soho South Cafe, one of my favorite places in Savannah to eat.
At Paris Market.  This is probably my favorite.

So, until I own my very own fancy pants chandelier,  here are my chandelier earrings I'm wearing today from Francesca's :) {sorry my headphone wire got in the way}

Stay tuned for a fun but easy way to display old family photos that I picked up from one of my wanderings this week - can't wait for you to see it!

Stay pretty!

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  1. love this!! great picture of the chandeliers! {you really captured their pretty} :)