Friday, December 2

Love, Laura Sue

I love starting over.  I love new beginnings.  I enjoy the delicate fear involved when there are so many unknowns.  I've tried to learn from what little time I feel I've had on this earth so far, and I hope that I continue my life-long pursuit of learning for many years to come.  What have I learned?... I've learned that there's always an opportunity to change.  I've learned that my yesterdays do not have to be my tomorrows.  I've learned to celebrate the little things like they're big, and the big things like they're even bigger.

Some friends and I were recently discussing the idea of "image management" and how everybody - yes, we included ourselves in the equation - practices some form of image management from time to time.  And it's necessary in many circumstances.  I'm here, however, to be very transparent with you, my readers, whoever you may be.  Yes, I will feature and talk about lots of good and pretty things in life that I love and that I believe should be celebrated.  That's not to say that my life is by any means perfect or pain-free.  But I don't want to complain.  I don't want to focus on negative things.

I. Choose. Joy.

That's my theme for this blog.  So, as you you look through you get to know me... understand that I'm not trying to put up a front or act like my life is totally amazing.  I actually believe that my life - and yours - is, in fact, pretty amazing, and I'm choosing to celebrate that.

I'm girly and love girly things (which was not always the case, but I've warmed up to it over the years).  I love beautiful photos.  I love to dream.  I love to create.  I love writing and reading great writing.  This blog is for me to be able to share the things I love with you.

So, grab your favorite cup of hot tea, and let's celebrate all the beautiful things - big and small - that we love about life together.

Thanks for being you,

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