Saturday, December 24

Favorite Holiday Flicks

Everyone has a favorite holiday movie.  Here are several of mine, spanning a solid...well, several years at this point....

{Small One}
This is such a sweet story.  Fictional, of course, but it's about a small donkey who provided the ride for a very pregnant Mary, mother of Jesus.  I will show this to my kids someday.

{Charlie Brown Christmas Special}
I love that Linus gets it.  Yay for baby Jesus!

{The Snowman}
I always looked forward to this one.  If you only watch one video on this page, watch this clip!  The fun thing about this video is that it's all music.  There's no dialogue, which I actually find refreshing.  The music is wonderful, and the illustrations {I believe} are all done with colored pencils, so it's stunning to watch.

{The Grinch Who Stole Christmas}
Need I say more?

{Mickey's Christmas Carol}
I really love this story, and there are several great versions of it in film, but this remains my favorite.

{Love Actually}
Who doesn't love this movie??

{The Holiday}
Such a fun movie.  This definitely premiered at a key time in my single life.  It's so funny looking back.  Oh, Rose.  You SO got me.

{The Family Stone}
I cannot tell you how many times I've watched this movie.  LOVE this movie.  Also, I'll go ahead and offer that I am definitely Amy in this movie.

{Little Women}
Since I started the trend, I'm Jo in this one.  Shocking, since every girl believes she's Jo, but I believe that's allowed.

So, what are some of YOUR favorite movies to watch at Christmas???

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  1. jackson is with you on "small one" ever since he saw it at marysue's house :)