Thursday, December 6

Stay warm, stay cozy

Ok, so we're coming up on Christmas in a few weeks {eek!}!  Have you finished your shopping yet??  I'm super-proud of myself this year.  I only have a couple gifts left to buy - can't believe I'm this prepared!

Well, in case you're looking for something a little extra, check out these scarves I made for my Etsy shop!

This quote is from my favorite book, Les Miserables.  Is anyone else geeking out over the new movie like I am??  Can't wait to see it!

1 Corinthians 13:13

You can also special order a scarf with a quote of your choice in six different colors of ink {red, yellow, blue, green, purple, brown, black}.

I also have handmade belts and headbands!

Be sure to visit my shop if you see something you like!

Good luck finishing your shopping these next couple of weeks!  I hope you get the best present of all - lots of time with great family and friends :)

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