Saturday, March 31

If I could . . . . .

French Mani w/ glitter!  Who would have thought?
Ok.  So I love finger nail polish.  LOVE.

I was that girl in middle school who switched up her color every few days, and when I say "color" I mean COLOR.  Purple. Blue.  Green.  Fuchsia. Keep in mind, most of these colors almost always included glitter.  I mean, seriously, why would you paint your nails and NOT have glitter??

When I was 14 I broke out in some kind of crazy rash, mostly around my décolleté area.  It was awful.  The doctor had no idea what the problem was other than the fact that it was an allergic reaction of some sort.

Ladies, much to my sadness and dismay, I discovered that I had developed an allergy to finger nail polish.  Boooooo. No fair.

Funny thing - I can wear it on my toes just fine.  No problems.  But the skin around my neck is much more sensitive, and I tend to sleep very snuggly, which my arms and hands around my pillow (neck close by).

I still paint my nails from time to time, but I can only leave it on for about 2 days.  After that, I essentially start breaking out in hives.  Again, no fair.

Anyhow, just because I can't regularly paint and decorate my nails doesn't mean I don't appreciate pretty nails when I see them.  Here's a collection of some really fun and pretty ideas....notice, I'm still a huge fan of glitter :).... Which one of these looks is YOUR favorite??

Love the colors fading into one another.  Very dreamy.
I'm a sucker for dark pinks and rich purples.  Tres chic, no?
What's that?  You want MORE glitter? :)
This is from Cupcakes & Cashmere - don't you guys love the pics on her blog?  It's one of my faves.  Check it out if you've never gawked looked before.
Pastel Nails - Easter-ready!
How cute is this?  If I tried to do that, it would become known as another one of those "Pinterest Fails" if you know what I mean....but super cute!
I saved my absolute favorite for last.  I'm generally not a "pink" kind of girl, but I love pastel pink nails!  Not to mention, there's some glitter thrown in AND some Starbucks???  Perfect mix if you ask me.

What's your favorite go-to color for your nails??

Happy painting!

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  1. I LOVE, love, love the glitter french manicure. Amazing! Wish we could go get our nails done together. xo